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The Real Thing - The Maccabees & Mumford and Sons


I’m just going to put it out there…

I may be not so secretly in lust with Matt Corby. His talent is actually ridiculous. Took some friends (to convert, which I succeeded in) to see him tonight in a tiny room. Strands of feathers lined the background of the stage, the lighting was perfect and having a now full band only increased the epicness of his songs. After drinking lots of cider, I was persuaded into approaching him. I was maybe shaking a little, I know, not cool right. Anyway I went in for an awkward hug, introduced myself, we had a little chat and he signed my cd, then we got a photo. I asked him if the pear cider on the stage was his, hoping we were cider-mates but alas it wasn’t. Is it creepy I told him I’d see him in December (Hmmm for the fifth time this year?) and that I think he’s amazing? I don’t care. It was great. He’s great. Also super attractive in person and my height, hooray. Oh and he played a new song as an encore, ’It took two years to write…Well, for me to get the right words out’, I actually wanted to cry it was so beautiful and honest. You’re all missing out, he’ll explode one day, you just wait.


Hair bow (by Catherine Parkinson)